Travel Clubs and Companies:

The best travel site should be a valuable tool in creating your ideal trip, whether you’re planning an overseas vacation, a business trip, or a weekend road-trip. These websites work like robotic travel agents. Instead of asking you to go to the dozens of airline websites and hundreds of hotel websites to search for your ideal dates and route, travel sites perform all of these searches with a single click. To find the best, we looked for websites which could search for a variety of bookings, and tracked prices and user experiences focusing on flights, rental cars, and hotels, and bring us back the best services at the best prices.

How We Chose the Best Travel Sites


Price is the undisputed king in the travel world. So you might be surprised to learn that since more than 95 percent of the online travel marketplace is controlled by just two companies (Expedia and Priceline), many of our travel sites found the exact same flights and cars for the exact same price. Our top picks all consistently found us the best prices for the cheapest flights and rentals – though won top crown for finding the cheapest price overall and Priceline’s unique tool helped us luck into getting a great deal.

Flexible dates

Flexible date tools let you see what happens if you slightly adjust dates for a proposed trip. We love being able to compare prices if we left for vacation a day earlier, or came back a day later. If you’re bargain hunting and haven’t completely set a schedule, flexible dates are a must-have. Kayak was our favorite here, with flexible date results that ranged from one to three days, or even a whole month so you can see what week is best for your summer vacation.

Comparison features

Whether tracking down the right hotel amenities, locating a specific car type, or making sure our plane ticket covers baggage fees, it’s crucial to have great comparison features on a travel site. The best travel site will make it easy to request amenities, or at least give us a good look at the features of different options. Hipmunk stood out here with useful diagrams and cool displays about each hotel and flight in our search. We could tell at a glance that it was worth paying some extra money for a four-hour flight with Alaska rather than a thirteen-hour multi-stop flight with Spirit.

Why we chose it

Lowest airfare prices

After tracking prices for the same flight across two weeks, only one website truly impressed us: It won the prize for finding our flight at its ultimate lowest cost and was always at the middle or lower end for ticket prices among our tested picks. Frequently, charged between $9 and $18 less than the average ticket price for that day.

Thorough hotel comparison

We also loved the thoroughness of its hotel booking site – it has the most filters of any travel site we looked at, so you can get a clear picture of exactly what you’re paying for. You’ll be able to see whether each room has air conditioning, a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and 20 more possible amenities.

Lowest airfare prices

After tracking prices for the same flight across two weeks, only one website truly impressed us: It won the prize for finding our flight at its ultimate lowest cost and was always at the middle or lower end for ticket prices among our tested picks. Frequently, charged between $9 and $18 less than the average ticket price for that day.

Our Top Picks

Royal Holiday Vacation Club

Contact Us:

Phone: (81) 5980-1140


Why Royal Holiday:

The goal of Royal Holiday is to bring you the highest service standards for you to enjoy amazing vacations for many years.  As a member you are able to choose among 180 destinations in 52 countries around the world. Plus, we protect your investment by stopping your vacation fee, as long as your membership is active. Therefore, you can save lots of money: Paris, Madrid, London, New York, Vail, Orlando, Bahamas, Buenos Aires, Cozumel or magical Cancun.  Travel wherever desire takes you, your world is in your hands!

User Review:

We signed up for Royal Holiday without knowing what it was at first.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a wide selection of lodgings available in our price range. Royal Holiday lists a number of resorts that are off the beaten path, which makes every vacation feel like a unique adventure. We have visited six destinations in the last four years, all of the resorts have had open dates that worked wonderfully with our schedule.

Take A Break Travel

Why Take A Break Travel:

User Review:

Our Bottom Picks

Welk Resorts


User Reviews:

Please do not purchase the time share!  The hotel destinations are making their hotels/resorts mandatory  all-inclusive.  By doing that there aren’t many hotel options free of extra fee charges. The amounts often equal what one pays for a hotel without being a member.  Some resorts require a fee of couple hundreds of dollars every week!  It’s JUST A SCAM!!!

This was a regretful life decisions!!  If you like to make regretful life decisions then this time share contract is for you!!  Ask questions, especially about the cooling off period because they won’t tell you about it.  Do NOT be fooled by their benefits, lecturers and the prizes they hand out.  Casino resorts are often a better option because you will not get suckered into paying OBSCENE FEES like with this club! When you have an issue they do not listen, their customer service agents have a lazy attitude, when they should show more concern given that as a member you are paying them.  I’ve payed 4000 into this contract and I have never used their facilities.  I decided to keep this review short. I would highly not recommend!

Unlimited Vacation Club


User Reviews:

Unlimited Vacation Club is terrible. It is definitely a big scam. I have hired an attorney that handles time shares just to get me out of this mess! They did the same thing to us as they do to hundreds of others.  Joining was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I am fighting them now so that I don’t bankrupt myself with this scam. We went in July and had the same miserable experience. I am disputing with my credit card also. Get ready to fight

Iberostar The Club

855 423 2582

User Reviews:

We purchased the gold membership in 2016. So far it has been nothing but lies and shady practices. We joined the club with the intention of only using the grand resorts.  We were assured the 25% discount would be applied to the grand resorts. This was an absolute lie.  The free transportation is not included in our package even though they promised that also. So far I have not found a single truth in our presentation that they used to sell us on the membership. I would strongly advise staying as far away as you can from this scam.

We are currently staying at the Resort del Mar and the club are pushy termites! They tried to sell us the silver package for a whopping 54,900 dollars!!! Even the blue membership was 15,000 dollars. They wasted our morning by talking for over an hour before trying to smooth things over by giving us breakfast.  The buffet isn’t even in our resort!  This is a company I and my family will stay away from.  I CANNOT WAIT TO LEAVE!!! Horrible service although the people are nice.

Vida Vacations


User Reviews:

It has been 4 weeks since we came back from our the vacation and we still haven’t received our deposit back.  I called and only got transferred from person to person with nobody wanting to answer for anything. I want to go back to Cancun but I will definitely will stay away from Vida Vacations and everybody else should STAY AWAY.  They will lie to you in any way they can to get a sale. They do not care about their customer at all, all that they care is about making money. If you decide to go and you accept their offer, make sure you get it in writing.

What part of No do they not understand?  They are pushy and become rude when they do not get their own way. I am done!  I will look for a way out so I can dump this timeshare.