Brightstar Nominated as Best of Class in Mobile and Wireless Technology

Brightstar, a leading wireless products and services company, has been nominated as Best of Class in Mobile and Wireless Technology. The news is no surprise to the company’s clients owing to the high-quality services and devices they acquire from Brightstar.

A subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp., Brightstar offers a range of innovative and satisfactory services to retailers, mobile carriers, and consumers. With its presence in more than 50 countries spread in 5 continents and annual processing of over 80 million devices, Brightstar is among the fastest growing companies in the wireless devices sector. The acquisition of mobile devices companies and partnership with other service providers is clear proof that Brightstar is expanding its boundaries at an appreciable pace.

A leading segment of the company’s services is the BuyBack and Trade-In. It’s worth noting that the used device market is a fast-growing segment in the Smartphone market. Accordingly, Brightstar is estimated to process over 15 million secondary devices annually through its trade-in programs. There is a key reason why the dealership in quality used wireless devices has given the company a competitive edge over several mobile technology businesses. Secondary wireless devices market is a quality-sensitive niche marred by disappointments due to low-quality devices being sent to customers. Nonetheless, Brightstar assures its customers of quality devices that undergo vigorous tests in their labs. The company subjects the devices to a comprehensive grading system that utilizes both human and artificial intelligence in used device cycles from sourcing, cosmetic and functional assessments, data wiping to categorization.


Brightstar is an all-inclusive company that not only serves online customers but also enterprises. In particular, the corporation offers a variety of network solutions to mega telecommunication enterprises such as Actelis Networks, Huawei, and Cel-Fi among many others. Brightstar collaborates with large enterprises to offer holistic network solutions to large telecommunication service providers. Moreover, the company has some of the best-skilled workers in the wireless industry, and this enables it to meet the large requirements of the enterprises. Undeniably, quality service delivery through skilled and professional workers is a big win for Brightstar.

While countless companies still grapple with poor customer support, Brightstar assures their clients of quick responses to requests, complaints and other issues raised by their customers. Undoubtedly, poor customer support is a huge turn off that can effortlessly lower the metrics of a company. Such a company cannot be trusted. However, customers enjoy the best services from Brightstar and the massive numbers of positive reviews attest to this fact. This has also played a big role in the nomination of the company for the prestigious awards.  

As people spend a lot of time on their phones and devices, protection and safety becomes an elemental concern for consumers. Brightstar has relieved this burden from the consumers and retailers through its flagship, Brightstar Device Protection. The service offers device and phone protection programs to millions of subscribers. Backed by two A-insurance and 80% customer approval, the protection service proves to be significant complementary to consumers. The insurance covers loss, accidental damage, malfunction, and theft. The premiums vary according to the retail value of the consumer’s devices.

Furthermore, Brightstar extends the protection services to retailers and carriers. It helps the enterprises to add value to their devices by offering accidental damage coverage and extended warranty. It also provides carriers with programs that effectively manage enrollment, claim and fulfillment processes to ensure their customers go through hassle-free procedures when registering for coverage or claiming for compensation. Furthermore, a team of experts committed to warrant and insurance issues relieve compliance burdens from enterprises and carriers.

It’s remarkably clear that the diversification of the services geared towards wireless devices contributes to the success and recognition of Brightstar. Certainly, the nomination is part of the recognition of the company’s efforts and innovations aimed at bringing much-appreciated sobriety in the wireless device market. Consumers, retailers, and carriers get to enjoy a variety of services ranging from network solutions, device coverage programs, and access to tested and approved secondary devices. Consequently, it can only be fair to say that Brightstar has a brilliant future ahead as more and more customers embrace the innovative solutions from the company.